Now is the time..

Start building your dream business today.

Here at Business & Babies we know how amazing and special you are,

but do you?

 A year ago I had a dream to set up a business that would help support mums that are ready to create a life and business that they deserve butthey just don't know where to start. You know you want to be at home but you know you want the finer things in life, well that's ok!! You can have both.

So Business & Babies was born ....... I am here to show you that you can stay at home, be a present loving mum, build a business & create a lifestyle that you want. You will be supported in starting your dream business, you just have to take the first step.

I am passionate about helping mums get out of the daily grind and realise their full business potential all while being that present loving mum!

Becoming successful doesn’t mean that you have to give up precious time with your family, being successful is possible in every area of your life without sacrificing time with your little ones.

It’s time for you to stop feeling that guilt and negative energy about becoming a successful woman as well as being a caring mum. You CAN do it! You can build your business around your family, I know because I am doing it and so are hundreds of other women who have decided to step into their power.


Hello Beautiful lady!

My name is Sarah Louise Jones,

 I’m a business coach, passionate about helping aspiring mum-preneurs who are wanting to run their own successful businesses around their families while still being attentive loving mothers but just don't know where to start.    Read more about me here…

Step into your full potential…..

I know how it feels to let fear and guilt hold you back, I done it for nearly 3 years, convinced myself that I didn’t have the time, I didn’t have the knowledge, I drown in the guilt that my boy would miss out on me being a mother if I was successful in business. These were all barriers I put in my own way. I realised that I wanted my children to be proud of me; I wanted to show them that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

So I decided to invest in myself and hired a coach, believe me when I say this wasn’t an easy choice as I didn’t have money to throw around.  But it was time, time to go big or go home!

I know that if you have a passion for something, a drive to succeed then success is yours for the taking. Mums you are amazing, you carried a child for 9 months and brought life to the world, you are unstoppable. Now is your time to shine, your time to take back control of your life. Success is different for everyone, success for me meant being able to provide my family with my time and amazing experiences.

I want to help mums realise their full potential & create a life that supports their dreams.

You don’t have to do it alone, you don’t have to let fear stop you any longer, it’s time to stop looking around for the next magic pill that will change your world and start investing IN you .

Find out more and take your first step today.