Who says that it isn’t possible to have a fulfilling career AND be a brilliant mummy? It doesn’t have to be a struggle. This program is your fast track pass to getting clients & creating your ideal life. 


·        Do you want to leave behind the 9-5 grind?

·        Do you want to go big with that brilliant business idea?

·        Do you want earn what you’re really worth AND still be there for your family?

·        Are you ready to ditch the mummy-guilt and find your focus?

·        Are you ready to say “no more” to struggling alone?

·        Do you want a fast-pass to online success and start attracting the clients you really want to work with?


Yes, to it all? Then, it’s time to stop feeling second best to all those other Mumpreneurs who seem to have everything.  Now you can too.  In just 8 weeks, you will get a mindset makeover, giving you the confidence you need to kick-ass!



You don’t have time to spare.  You want to be with your family and need to fit work into the pockets of free time you have available, right?

This 8 week Business & Babies Mentorship Program is super-focused. I’m a no-nonsense kind of girl, so there are no fluffy concepts or touchy-feely coaching techniques.  It’s straight up action and zero overwhelm. 

I understand that you are juggling a million different things, so the program is designed to fit around where you and your business (or idea) are right now.  I have deliberately made this an 8-week program, so you can get your business ‘client-ready’ QUICKLY! No messing about.

It goes like this:

  •   An initial 2 hour Skype call to get super-focused on what you want to achieve
  •   A comprehensive assessment identifying where you are now versus where you want to be
  •  Weekly coaching sessions via Skype
  •  Weekly worksheets setting out your next step
  • Coaching modules – each one focused on a key piece of the Mumpreneur puzzle
  •  Unlimited access to me via email for the duration of your course
  • This isn't just a one woman show, behind this super focused program is a team of superstar women, who have created the perfect package for your success.  Meet the lady bosses behind Business & Babies.





1) MINDSET – develop the rockstar mindset to finally feel confident in yourself and your skills


2)  CLARITY -  get crystal clear on your story, your passion and your vision.  Also, understand who your target client is and learn what makes her tick.


3)  OFFERING – decide which services, packages or programs you will provide your dream clients AND find the confidence to charge what you’re worth


4)  BRANDING – create a fabulous personal brand that is 100% you.  Learn how to stand out in your field and bring your uniqueness to light.


5) ATTRACTING CLIENTS – create an irresistible opt-in that will allow you to grow your client list


6)  BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS - learn how to nurture a relationship with your ideal clients and get them eagerly buying from you


7)  SYSTEMS & STRUCTURES – a fast-pass to all the resources you need to attract ideal clients and step by step guidance on getting started with email marketing, setting up your website and sales funnels (don’t worry if this means nothing to you now…it soon will!).




Does any of this sound familiar?


You are feeling confused right now.

You have lost sight on where you should be heading and are overwhelmed with all the choices and not sure where to start.


You are desperately looking for clarity and direction in your business but have no idea on how to get it.

You know you have a gift to share and create an impact on others but your starting to doubt this whole online business.

You've been longing for it all to just fall into place. The clarity to know your purpose and who your meant to serve, the confidence to stand out in a sea of coaches. A stream of your ideal clients paying you exactly what your worth. The freedom to be living your life on your terms. 

Well lovely lady, it could all be yours!


This is an 8 week program where you will get the full support you need to finally get all the pieces of your business puzzle together.




  • Finally get that website fully functional and looking beautifully on brand for you
  • Get support by 3 no-nonsense coaches that get stuff done (and I've for 1 have been where you are)
  • Create a brand that is 100% authentic to you (no more looking at other websites enviously)
  • Have all the systems and structures in place so you could attract clients in your sleep (100% possible)
  • Get a rock star mindset so you finally feel your worth!
  • Ditch that soul sucking 9-5!! 

I'm going to support you in making this your reality!!

Take a moment, step into the shoes of your future self, your website is set up and beautifully, authentically you, you know exactly who you are meant to serve, your opt-in has got your ideal client joining by the hundreds, (even while you sleep) and you've created a signature program that lights you up! (and that your niche is crying out for!)  

You finally feel confident about your business, you are no longer a stressed out mum, but a mumpreneur who is ready to make her mark on the world!

You have no idea why you didn't do this sooner. 

 (But don't worry, everything happens for a reason. This is just the right time for you!)



My promise to you lovely lady.


  • The personal touch

    I only take on a small number of ladies at any one time so that I am fully present and committed. I invest everything I have into your success. You will feel special, because you are!

  • Balance

      Family is at the heart of everything I do and I'm sure you feel the same, so during our time               together we will make sure you have the time and energy to pursue your passions whilst still         being a present loving mum. (I built my business in the pockets of time I had, as long as you           stay focused on the tasks that need to be done, you can totally have family time and business       time)

  • Accountability is key

    I am highly organized, and set a clear path and direction with you for where we are headed. As I have said before I am a no nonsense type of girl and I do not fill my courses with fluff! I am here to hold you accountable so you can have the success you desire.

  • Celebration is a must!

    I am super enthusiastic and totally invested in your passions – we will celebrate it all together. If you are anything like me when I started I constantly put myself down because things weren't perfect, this was a big reason why it took me awhile and a lot of mistakes to get to where I am now, I forgot to celebrate the little wins because believe me they soon add up to the big wins. So this is a biggie for me, I will make sure that you celebrate even the smallest of wins.



Join the business & babies

program Today and get;


  • Total support to get out of overwhelm
  • The exact steps you need to take to create your online business
  • Gain clarity around who you are meant to serve and how you can attract them
  • More freedom to do the things you love
  • Weekly worksheets to keep you focused and on track
  • A 2 hour laser focused Skype call to get super clear on your business dreams
  • Weekly Skype calls to answer questions, celebrate wins and plan your next steps

One coaching program with 4 expert ladies helping you build your dream business.  

Remember, this is an investment in YOU.  And you are worth it. I will be there for you every step of the way and in 8 weeks you’ll be ready to take on the world. 


So, what are you waiting for?  The beginning of the rest of your life starts here. Let’s go.



When do we start? As soon as we have jumped on the phone and decided that this is a perfect fit for both of us, we can start straight away.


How long does the program take? 8 weeks, but I allow for holiday time, ( Christmas time for example)if you should need to take a break at anytime then just reach out & I will try my best to support you.


Can I get help between sessions? Of course.  I’m available during office hours every day and will always try to respond to your emails within 24 hours. Plus you get a weekly Skype call during which I’ll answer all of your questions and set an action plan for the coming week.


Do you offer refunds or guarantees? No, let’s get serious for a minute. This program is an investment in yourself and your business. I will give you all the information and support you need to get up and running, but then my lovely, it’s down to you.  The results you get will depend on the commitment you make.  You can take more time if you need to fit around your mummy duties, but if you put in the effort, you’ll get the results you want.  Start as you mean to go on, and you’ll get there in no time.


Will there be any other costs? There aren’t any other program costs, but you will need to set aside a small fund to cover things like website hosting (up to $XX per year) and an email system (I use Mailchimp, which only costs around $10 per month). I will always tell you where tools might cost money, and when there are free options available.

Go on, jump on the phone today and let’s make good things happen