I’m Sarah Louise Jones. Mum of two and professional Business Coach. I’m passionate about helping lovely ladies just like you - aspiring Mumpreneurs who know they want more from life, but haven’t the foggiest idea where to start!


If you want clarity, direction and support to build your own business, then you’re in the right place.  But what makes me the right person to guide you?  Here’s my story.




Before I trained as a Business Coach, I was just like you.  After the birth of my first baby, I became acutely aware of how important it was for me to be there for my family.  The responsibility was overwhelming.  

 I am one of those mums that doesn't let her baby cry at night (to be honest, he's now 4 and I still don't let him cry!!). I knew that I wanted to return to work, to use my talents and to help people, but putting my baby into nursery at just 7 months old left me drowning in guilt.

 How on earth could I combine my role as a loving mummy with a fulfilling and profitable career?  And how could I do it with so little free time on my hands?

 I convinced myself that I didn’t have the time or knowledge to go it alone, but returning to my 9-5 job just didn’t cut the mustard.  (Sound familiar?)

I put my life on hold and floundered like this for about three years, until I decided that enough was enough. I wanted to find a way of being in control, working when and how I wanted, so that I no longer needed to compromise my ability to be an attentive and caring mummy.  

 Armed with just a website (and absolutely no clients or income!) I took a leap of faith and threw some serious cash at a world-class mentor.  It wasn’t a step I took lightly, but I needed help finding my focus and stepping into my full potential. 



 Over the last year, I have learned how to build my business on my terms, around my family.  And boy, does it feel good to leave the guilt behind! I am no longer that frazzled mummy or stressed out Mumpreneur.  I can be there for PTA meetings and nativity plays or sick days and school holidays.  But I’m also earning what I’m worth, doing a job that I love. 

 What’s the secret? Truth is, there isn’t one. 

 There is no magic potion or special power.  Working your business around your family is about harnessing your passion, finding your focus (with the help of a superstar mentor…that’s me!), getting the right systems in place and having excellent time management skills.

 I didn’t know how to attract the right sort of client.  I didn’t know about sales funnels or email lists.  All I knew was that I wanted to coach people. So, I learnt the rest, the hard way.  It took lots of time and investment.  But now it rocks! And I’ll share everything I’ve learnt with you.

 I’ve bundled up all of my learning and added a huge dollop of coaching support to create my Business & Babies Mentorship program.  It’s designed just for ladies like you, who want to have a profitable career but still be able to put family first.

 Your first step to creating the business and life you want starts here. 

Still not 100% sure how I can help you?

 drop me a question @ info@sarahljones.com or hit the link below