Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Have you ever hit a point in your life where you think there must be more? More than just a 9-5 that doesn't fill you with passion, more than only seeing you children for 2-3 hours a day and missing school events? I've spent many waking moments thinking about this!

I had to go back to work when my son was just 7 months old. I remember the night before I was due to start back like it was yesterday, I sat on his bedroom floor and sobbed my heart out. The feeling of knowing I had to leave him with people he hardly knew was excruciating, a little dramatic to some maybe but I have no other words to describe it.

None the less I had to go back to pay for our mortgage, I knew no other way, quickly I got back into a rut with working and just drifting through life. But something had changed, I had changed, my wants had changed. I knew that I wanted to follow my dreams, I wanted to be a role model to my growing boy that you can achieve anything with persistence, hard work & self belief, I also wanted to be able to earn an income doing what I loved from home, so I would never miss a sports day, never miss a concert and never have  to ask the boss for a day of because he was poorly. My dream has always been to be able to help and inspire others, to support others in building their self confidence and going after their dreams, I wasn't going to be able to do that in my 9-5. I made the most of my job and went on every course I could and coached members of my team whenever possible.

During this time a good friend of mine asked me to look at a network marketing opportunity, I knew nothing about network marketing or about this company. I trialled some of their products and I loved them, I joined the company very quickly, still not knowing much about network marketing. I found it easy to make money through the products as once people tried them they could see the quality too. For some reason at this time, I didn't catch or understand the potential of this business. Even though the company is amazing it just obviously wasn't the right time for me.

I knew had to work from home so I hired a six figure business coach to show me the way, theytaught me how to find who I was passionate about helping, to me it would always be mums like myself who didn't want to miss out on their children growing up, but who wanted to own a successful business, I wanted to show mums that they can have it all, and so Business & Babies was born. I continued to work with my coach who taught my how to set up my website, how to put in place systems & structure to run an online business.

I took me hiring a six figure mentor to realise I was already part of an amazing company that had allowed me to set up my business with very little money & lots of support, I had just never seen the potential. Network marketing gives people a vehicle to be able to achieve their goals, dreams and more beyond their expectations. I realised that even though a lot of mums wanted to work from home and create luxury incomes, they didn't want to start a business on their own & from scratch, Network marketing gives you the ability to just concentrate on building a global business. The company I am with and very passionate about has a GOLD Investors In People, which is a government award and recognises them for the amazing training they offer their business owners.

  I love being part of a team but I have the ability to run my own business & coach the lovely ladies who have decided to partner with me. I am able to coach & mentor these ladies on how to build a business both offline and online so they can really have that 'laptop lifestyle' (If they work for it)

I could have saved myself a lot of time and money if I had seen the opportunity for what it was 'amazing' but they say everything happens for a reason, and back then wasn't the right time for me. What I have learnt since taking the longer road will serve me for many years to come, as I can know pass this knowledge on to any new mum that wants to join me.

I decided to tell my story here on my blog so that you can see that success doesn't come easy and it doesn't come straight away, there are many ups & downs & twists & turns but that is what teaches you the valuable lessons in life

You will be successful if you can;

1. Connect with your 'why' - connecting with this will give you determination you didn't even know you had & it will keep you going through the hard times. ( I'll be writing more on this subject in the coming weeks)

2. If your going to join a network marketing company to build your dream lifestyle - remember to find an ethical, strong and financially stable company.

3. Find a coach & mentor within that company you connect with, someone who can mentor you to build a business online as well as offline.

4. To be successful in any business you need to be persistent, consistent & never give up.

You too can find success from a home based business & live a 'laptop lifestyle'

So are you ready to connect with you 'why' and start fulfilling your potential?


Until next time,

stay strong & keep pushing.

Love Sarah xoxo