Good Evening Mumpreneurs, I hope you are all having a great week.

I wanted to share some tips with you this evening that will help you become a top recruiter in your network marketing business or grow your serviced based business exponentially.

So let's just dive straight in...

1. Decision

Make the decision today to invest time into your business, so many people start their own business whether it be in network marketing or in coaching they are never able to commit to investing time. Most of us start are own business around a full or part time job & this makes it so hard to stay focused on our business as we are living the 9-5 mindset.  I know because I have been there, you are so used to having a boss give you a list of jobs to do that when it comes to working for yourself, everything is a muddle. Where do you even start? How much time do you invest? Which jobs take priority?

Stop for a minute, stop over thinking things and take some time to make that decision to commit yourself to your business, whatever it takes & however long it takes..... Remember ladies the only people who fail are those that give up trying! Ok so you've made your decision, now you need to decide how much time you can devote to your business every day, it maybe 1 hour or it could be 3, whatever it is make the decision and stick to it. Then once you know how long you can commit you can put a plan in place for tasks that need to be completed each day.

2. Mindset -

Some people may laugh, some people may not believe & some people work on this daily and it's the latter that are the successful bunch. As I have said previously if you are anything like I was you are programmed into the 9-5 lifestyle, work hard for little money, even less recognition and practically no time with your family. I didn't know how to believe I was made for something better, I had the dreams but I never used to believe I could achieve them until I started working on my mindset. The only way to remove those negative thoughts is to replace them with positive ones and the only way you can do that is to work on your mindset. If you work on this you can totally change yourself and your business. Have that belief that you can do it and that you can attract prospects & clients easily. If you work on your mindset you will begin to see that what you have to offer your prospects/clients is a gift, a gift that can help them change their world. Listen to as many positive mindset trainings as you possibly can.

3. Make New Friends -

All the top mumpreneurs do this in order to succeed in their chosen field. Make the effort to make friends & build relationships. Take the time to get to know people and what they want out of life. Add value to them and gain trust. Once someone trusts you then and only then are you able to show them your gift that could change their lives, because only then will you know what they want out of life, what your gift could help them with. I'm not just talking Facebook but out an about, start conversations and listen to what the other person is saying.

4. Positive Daily Habits -

This is a biggie ladies!! Ever read 'The Compound Effect' by Darren Hardy? If you haven't this is an absolute must read. He talks about this on another level, he will get you thinking about this in great detail. I will just say that if you want to be successful with anything with your life whether it be weight loss, saving money or create a successful business you must be able to develop positive daily habits, it practically the only difference between the being successful or not. Some examples you could have of daily habits are...

Talk to 1 person per day about your business/opportunity/products.

Add at least 2 people to your friends list

Watch at least 15 minutes of mindset training

Review what has or hasn't worked on that day

These are all little daily habits that may not look much to start but I promise if you done just the above for the next 3 months every single day, you will come on leaps and bounds in your business. This is the compound effect. Again please read the above mentioned book, it's a game changer.

5. Always be prepared -

6-7 figure earners have this down to a 't', always be prepared with samples of your product so you can give to people, always know your story (your business journey) know the story of the person that helped you get started & know it inside out. Knowing your story will help you feel in control and more confident when speaking to people, it will also show people how committed you are to your business.

6. Enthusiasm

You should always be enthusiastic about your business & it's products, if you don't have any love for your business or products why are you doing this? You may as well go back to your 9-5 (harsh maybe!). People are bored, they are naturally drawn to those with enthusiastic personalities. When I'm saying this, don't be thinking you need to be bouncing all over the place shouting from the roof tops how happy you are. But be positive, show the caring side of you, the side that wants people to grow, share love & self-develop. In the beginning your enthusiasm may come and go but if you make it a daily positive habit it will just be something you are, become part of you.

7. Think Bigger -

Think huge goals & dreams. Create a dream board and fill it with things that at the moment you may not think that you can achieve, and that scare you. Make sure this dream/goal bored is somewhere you can see it daily. If you want to recruit people into your business, pick a big number say 20 in a month and go for it, or if you wish to enrol more clients, don't just settle for 2, dream big. Have a bigger game plan, you can do this!!! You can achieve those amazing goals. What the mind believes the body will achieve. You are the only person holding you back from achieving everything you want out of life.


Until next time I hope you all have an amazing time, & are taking those steps needed to grow your business, as a mum I know that taking daily steps can sometimes be difficult with little ones constantly wanting no sorry demanding your attention, don't put too much pressure on yourself, this is your journey as long as you doing small actions daily this will soon create momentum.

Stay focused & stay strong.

To your success,